List of Questions for RE Consultation

When I was preparing for my first consultation with my RE, I kept a whole list of questions to ask her. I organized them into thematic categories (because I’m a nerd like that…) Obviously, this list isn’t meant to be exhaustive. I may have focused on concerns that aren’t relevant to everyone. Lastly, this is absolutely a crowdsourced list. Thanks to all you ladies who offered suggestions!

In case anyone else out there is prepping for a similar appointment and is looking for some inspiration, have at it.


What diagnostic tests do you recommend?

What is the likelihood that each of these tests will establish a diagnosis?

How will this test or procedure affect my diagnosis and treatment plan?

Are there any risks associated with the testing?

Does my partner need additional testing?

Do you have concerns about egg quality? How do we determine that?


What type of treatment would you recommend trying first based on our diagnosis? What are the risks of treatment?

If IUI, how many unsuccessful rounds would you recommend before moving to IVF?

In your practice, how often does this treatment result in pregnancy for our age group and diagnosis?

Are there any long-term complications associated with this or other treatments?


Are there any lifestyles changes that might help our chances of getting pregnant? Specifically how will this affect my running? (Because this is a really important thing for me. Obviously, this isn’t for everyone.)

In your opinion, how likely is fertility treatment to be successful for us?

Can someone in your office helps us estimate costs for the procedures?



  1. Elisha · August 12, 2014

    Great list!!!

  2. thecommonostrich · August 12, 2014

    Thanks! I agonized over it, so might as well share it with the world, eh?

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