TTC Timeline

Because first and foremost, this is a blog about my quest to have a baby…

Here’s the scoop:

May 2012: Cease birth control. Fool around.

Summer-Fall 2012: Experience withdrawal of 10 years of hormones. Get pimply, have erratic cycles ranging from 20 to 35 days. Essentially, experience the joys of a second puberty. Charming.

January 2013: Regular ovulation finally takes hold. Aided with calendars and ovulation tests, Mr. Ostrich and I get down to business in earnest.

March-July 2013 : Start getting terrible cramps on my left side every month. This gets progressively worse while my PCP tells me that this is totally normal. I think she is a nut job.

August 2013: PCP refers me to a specialist who tells me he thinks I have a touch of endo on my left ovary. He suggests we start some infertility tests.

September-October 2013: Tests are conducted. My lady bits are in the clear. I review my insurance only to realize that it doesn’t cover infertility treatments. Mr. Ostrich and I decide to put off exploration of treatments until 2014 when my new plan will cover this.

November-December 2013: Plot twist! My mom ends up in the ICU. I have an emotional crisis.

February 2014: Mr. Ostrich’s bits are in the clear. Crickets.

March – May 2014: Clomid Rounds 1, 2, and 3. Crickets again. Specialist says it’s time for another specialist.  Soonest available appointment is August 7th. Booooooo…

June-July 2014: Meet my new PCP, Dr. Finch. Conduct new blood tests and discover my TSH levels are a wee bit high. Start popping Synthroid, and get that thyroid into shape (levels are now 1.4- Prime baby-making range!) Increase Clomid dosage as I twiddle my thumbs waiting for my RE appointment.

August 2014: First meeting with RE, Dr. Petrel. She recommends some additional tests, and if all goes well we’re at IVF in October.

September 2014: Tests results are back, and they are decidedly weird. A mixed bag including high FSH levels but excellent AMH levels. Oh, and I have three polyps living in my uterus. I call them Larry, Moe, and Curly. One hysteroscopy later, they are removed and I have a shiny new uterus (sorta.)

October 2014: Genetics are in the clear! I am not a Fragile X carrier– whew. RE petitions my insurance company for IVF approval.

November 2014: Enter IVF Temple of Doom. Try to feel heroic like Indiana Jones on a wild adventure. Instead feel like one huge science experiment. All for a good cause because…

December 2014: …I get a positive test on December 5th. This ostrich has WINGS!

January 2015: My mom dies. Spend most of my time exhausted, though not sure if this is from grief or the tiny life form that is sapping all my strength.

July 1, 2015: Chick comes a whole 6 weeks early. Though he be small, he is fierce.