On Controlling my face

This is not baby-related, but life-related. In case you find office politics boring, you can skip this one.

I just learned that this guy on my team got a promotion, one that I cannot fathom he deserves. This person has been mostly innocuous– I don’t have to deal with him on the regular, and he is pleasant enough as a person. Just not someone who I think is terribly good at what he does for a living. But my “live and let live” attitude towards things has made this bearable.

Recently, he has been poking his nose into a lot of my projects. Not in a judegy way, just asking for updates which seems odd since I don’t report to him and he manages a different side of the business. After it happening again this morning, I pulled a coworker aside and asked what the deal was. And this is how I learned of my mediocre coworker’s rise to power.

(Aside: Dear senior management: you really need to do a better job about announcing promotions and changes in responsibilities. I shouldn’t have learned about this from my COWORKER.)

There is more to it– this promotion was available because my good friend left, which I’ve found difficult professionally and personally. The idea that this person has moved into her role makes me nauseous because she is ten times more talented than he is.


Totally afraid my face will get me into trouble… 

I know the world isn’t fair, workplaces aren’t meritocracies, etc. But for the love of Pete, how am I supposed to control my face every time he says something pointless, which is pretty regularly? I’m gonna have to work on not rolling my eyes every time he says something.

We’ve all run into this at one point or another. How do you deal with situations like this without completely losing it?



  1. Jenny F Scientist · April 1, 2016

    ‘Don’t make the face… don’t make the face… I’m making the face, aren’t I.’

  2. labmonkeyftw · April 1, 2016

    Have a meeting to discuss his new responsibilities and outline your usual work style with the person previously in his role? He is probably feeling out of his depth (and might actually be), and trying to get a handle on a side of the business he doesn’t know well, hence heaps of check-ins and inane comments. You can probably just tell him how often you are going to report in, and the ways that you problem solve, and when you will bring those problems to him, and he’ll probably take it on as “information” rather than “being told how to do his job” because he probably doesn’t know what his job is (based on management not announcing effectively, they have also probably not on-boarded him effectively either).

    and then roll your eyes deeply and satisfyingly once he has turned the corner and is out of sight. 🙂

  3. spiteorflight · April 1, 2016

    Oh god, I’ve never been able to hide it! My mother says it just oozes out. (“Honey, be careful, you’re oozing,” has been ongoing commentary since I was a teenager.) Good luck to you!

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