POST: Lucie’s List on Latching

As I’m currently in a “fight to the death” with Chick on breast feeding, I’ve been reading up on it. A LOT. (Hell, what else am I supposed to do whilst harnessed to my breast pump like a Guernsey?)

Though much of the baseline information out there is the same, I do find the Lucie’s List take on latching not only accurate, but also refreshingly funny. Because when an infant has just kneed you hard in your sensitive, sore nipple, you need something to laugh at. (Warning: I do not condone the overuse of exclamation points.)

My favorites bits:

On the complexities of getting baby on boob

Depending on your baby, the whole latching procedure requires some precision – like trying to refuel an F-16 mid-air.

On rushing to latch baby

Your instinct will be to get him latched on as soon as humanly possible because OMAGAH, he is starving – just listen to that crying(!!) – and I need to get him food, STAT! Resist this urge to rush through it. It’s hard, but resist.

On unlatching when baby isn’t latched well

Dang, that suck is strong!!! It’s like having a little piranha attached to your boob.


One comment

  1. lucy50 · August 6, 2015

    With you on the exclamation marks.

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