ARTICLE: I Was a Proud Non-Breeder. Then I Changed My Mind.

Though never adamantly against having kids, I will cop to being ambivalent about them for a long, long time. More like I could see the pros and the cons. Of course, infertility solidified my truth– I want a family so badly, I’m willing to inject myself with hormones, undergo a ton of procedures, and more shots. So there’s that.

Having a child is personal. As much as I was willing to go to some lengths to have Chick, I do not judge any person for not wanting to go through all that. Or to even entertain the idea of kids in the first place.

That’s why I found this article “I Was a Proud Non-Breeder. Then I Changed My Mind.” really interesting. The writer talks about how she was once staunchly opposed to having kids, then overtime how and why she changed her mind. My favorite bit:

“One tricky thing about your 20s is the need to make decisions for a future self whose desires are unknowable.”

Though I know she is talking about the desire to have kids, it’s true of so many things. We can only plan so far in advance for ourselves. We have to be ready to change, and embrace who we are next. Even if that person who we become seems to be diametrically opposed to who we are today.



  1. sbear2014 · June 1, 2015

    So true! I always said when I was a teenager and early 20s that I didn’t want to have children of my own, I would adopt if I decided I wanted kids. Then in my mid 20s, I fell in love and completely changed my mind. Then went through 4 years of infertility before an IVF attempt worked and now expecting identical twin girls this fall. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted back then…why was I so adamant about it? Oh, to be young and naive.

  2. sbear2014 · June 1, 2015

    Just got an opportunity to read the full article, loved it!

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