Back in the Saddle

First of all, thanks to all for understanding my hiatus. And for welcoming me back to the fold. It’s truly astounding how warm and loving a set of perfect strangers can be. Way to go, humanity!

And now that I’m back, I will regale you with tales of my RE appointment.

On Monday, I had my first visit with Dr. Petrel since our initial consultation. All of our tests are in, and the results are decidedly weird.

  1. My FSH levels are elevated, but my AMH levels are awesome.
  2. Mr. O’s genetic results are in the clear, but because the practice shifted to a different lab, not all requested tests were actually performed. Basically, they tested 94% of them.
  3. I may or may not have polyps. I had the sonohysterogram done at a different office, and they didn’t let me see the pictures they took of my uterus. Reviewing them with Dr. Petrel, she thinks it could be polyps– or mucus. Yummy.

Therefore, here is our plan of attack for this cycle.

  1. More tests. Dr. Petrel suggested that I get my FSH tested again, since my levels were more consistent with a Day 4 or 5 result. Maybe we got the timing off? She also suggested getting the genetic tests that were left out of Mr. O’s labs, and Fragile X. There may be a connection between my elevated FSH and Fragile X. So let’s just know for sure.
  2. Hysteroscopy. In the next two weeks, she wants to take a peek at my uterus with a telescope. After she gets in there and determines my polyp-y status, she’ll either give me the all clear or remove those suckers. It should take one day, and I should be back at work the next.

Through some miracle, I have not freaked out about any of this. Okay, not through some miracle… Through the calm, rational care provided by Dr. Petrel, I am not freaked out about any of this. The truth is that if this were going to be an easy process for me, I wouldn’t be going to an RE in the first place. Her office exists to help couples like me and Mr. O. If I do test positive for Fragile X, we would just have a different set of choices to make. She walked us through what some of those choices might be. By the time I left, I practically wanted to hug her. #bestdoctorever

And as I wait for those genetic tests to come back, a whole new two week wait begins…



  1. My Perfect Breakdown · September 17, 2014

    It sounds like you have a plan, and even a bit of an idea what plan b and c could look like. So, if you are anything like me and love to have an idea of what’s going to happen, that’s awesome!

    • thecommonostrich · September 17, 2014

      It’s amazing how much better I feel now that I’m in the hands of a real RE (and a particularly awesome one too.) She lays out what’s happening, and what could happen based on a few outcomes.

      Knowing that there is a plan makes me a whole lot less crazy.

  2. Stefanie @ My Crazy Beautiful Life · September 17, 2014

    I’m so happy to hear there is a plan, and that you love you doc so much. I think that can make all the difference!

    • thecommonostrich · September 19, 2014

      It totally does! After years of “Just keep trying”, it feels so good to have a clear sense of what is next. Whew.

  3. julieann081 · September 18, 2014

    Yay for a plan and getting some answers! Wishing you all the very best! 🙂

    • thecommonostrich · September 19, 2014

      Thanks, doll face! I’m so relieved to have even the tiniest step forward. So much better than the weirdo limbo I’ve been in so far.

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